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I'm Dave O. Egbru, your gifted mind behind 4abcgrowth.com!

ABC which means simple and steady growth has been the central focus of my life for many years. 

I study what it means to grow and how we can deliberately invite, process, and integrate new growth experiences.

I read, research, explore, experiment, contemplate, test, and refine ideas. 

As I discover meaningful insights, I share them via my blog and my facebook page.

I do what I can to support people on their paths of growth. I encourage people to contribute value to the world as well, so we can create compounding ripples of improvement for all. 

I have an insatiable need to share an idea worth spreading even if it touches the heart and mind of just one person in the audience.

Whenever I'm able to help, connect or make myself in service to a fellow human, I count it as an opportunity. Why? 

Because there are people — more than millions out there who can do what you did today (if not better), and for the world to present that opportunity to you, and you cooperate, puts you in the mind and heart of people. 

When people remember your favor (and of course, not all), they will feel indebted to you and in turn, recommends you when the time or the need arrives.

Think of this as planting a seed that will grow towards your future.

Some seeds grow fast and mature quickly, while others takes time... We may harvest some of the fruits in our life time, but a multitude of it, will be left to our children after we are gone.

For that reason, I have decided to make myself useful to the present generation. 

That is why I always show up to give or write contents that connects with my readers on a personal level (you can testify, don't you?)

I very often say it out loud to myself in the morning before or during breakfast, "You're here to share your ideas." 

Whenever I speak, writing a book or a blog post, I always do, to share what I know. If my readers like it then they will applaud and share, which is the best way for me to gauge if what I gave was important to them.

Why should I visit 4abcgrowth.com?

4abcgrowth.com is the outcome of my insatiable need to share an idea worth spreading even if it touches the heart and mind of just one person in the whole wide world.

This is where I poured out my heart, what I'm working on, my life lessons, my joy, knowledge, failures and victories. 

If you are already a subscriber, you can judge from most of the contents you read in your email 📧,

Your success and testimonies makes me proud☝️.

And most importantly, it's a source of motivation to me... Please keep it coming.

4abcgrowth is helping everyone around the globe to learn how to be a better version of themselves; how to create and enjoy a remarkable change in their lives and be happy.

You may already be a good person and a responsible citizen of your country, but after coming here, you will become better and be grateful you came. 

Our aim is: To Improve Lives.

Keep in mind that this blog is for action people; but if you have no willingness to ever work your ass off, if you have such resistance to the very notion of pushing yourself, 

if you have an overdeveloped sense of entitlement that all the goodness of life should flow to you with effortless ease, that’s great. 

Then, you can surf this blog purely for entertainment, and also introduce it to those that might benefit greatly from it.

But — if you’re a more concerned with practical matters, and you can recognize that many goals are too big and challenging just to attract and manifest out of thin air, 

if you can see that the whole point of tackling bigger goals is to develop yourself into a person of bold action, if you can accept that avoiding action altogether is a recipe for stagnation, 

and especially if you’re tired of not getting the results you actually want and having to settle for less, 

then perhaps you can give us a part of your heart with concentration and accept that some of your goals will require you to achieve them with hard work, lots of disciplined, and a focused action, then, this blog is for you.

Here at '4abcgrowth' we believe that every single man is a solution provider and has something to offer this world if only we learn to look on the inside with a positive attitude and view the world from a new perspective and view point. 

This, we aim to inculcate.

We strive at continuing to bring the world together and in turn, create a talented and responsible citizen.

All you need is the spark to empower yourself with #motivating_thoughts, & fill your heart with the #need_to_act, achieve your #goal and increase your #productivity

Regardless of where you are in the world, '4abcgrowth' is committed to providing everyone with the right material and information at the right time, so that they would develop a motivated energy to work and better their lives. 

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Improving life is the aim behind 4abcgrowth and will continue to be.

Help your friends to find us and dig deeper in life by directing them to 4abcgrowth.com, and let us all continue to grow together as conscious humans as we create a society of responsible men and women.

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  1. Thanks for your constant motivating thoughts and writeUps. I always feel inspired after reading your article.

  2. Great👍!

    I'm so happy you benefited from my articles. Do not hesitate to email me on any subject you would love me to cover in the future.

    Thanks again for reading!