Why You Should Walk Away from the 99%๐Ÿšถ

One of the best gifts I gave myself in the course of my evolution, was ridding myself of cynical people.

Just like joy and compassion, negative feelings like fear, disenchantment and discontent are contagious.

Let me explain.. 

The most sensitive period in your life will be that moment when you're wondering whether to hold on to what you have now, or go all in for the bigger picture.

But when you let cynical people in your ear, their words will poison your pool of thought and put a stutter in your step.

If you're around people who find everything funny including your ideas and attempts at success, you're siding with doubt against your higher self.

You may be entertained by the jokes, but... your destiny may suffer the cost.

Your inner critic is enough work. Why complicate the battle within with the influence of scoffers just because they are entertaining?

In 2020, it's easier than ever to refill your faith meter. Get around new information by listening to podcasts and watching videos of people living your ideal future.

What You Must Do:

Join Facebook Groups and attend physical meet-ups where happy and motivated people consistently talk about an aspirational future.

Finally, learn how to encourage other people. This looks easy, but most of us didn't grow up with it.

I had to write a note somewhere to remind me to always compliment something about someone I was meeting. If I saw them doing something, I always told them how great they were at it.

As most people only think of themselves and spare no mind for others, it was remarkable what I was doing, and so it drew like-minded people toward me. I drew from them spiritually as they did from me.

No one succeeds alone; no one fails alone.

Walk away from the 99%; If success is your goal!!

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