Who is Leading Your Life?


 If you want to succeed in life, you must answer this question first: By what—Do I measure My life?

It will be wrong to judge a fish by its inability to climb a tree, just as it will be out of place to judge a monkey by its inability to swim. And You don't call a lion a failure because it cannot fly.

You are going to learn a very important life lesson in this post. Please.. Don't be distracted.

You see, everyone including everything you see in this world, is unique in its own way.

Never see yourself as inferior or as a failure because you see people doing better than you in an area of endeavour.

We all have our own strength.

They may be fishes while you're a bird. Fishes thrive better in waters while birds thrive better in the sky.

All you need to do is to look inwards and discover your strength.

When the fishes mock you because you cannot swim, tell them you're a bird and birds are meant to fly and not to swim. A bird therefore is not a failure because it cannot swim.

Usain Bolt is the fastest man on earth today but put him on a football pitch and he will fail miserably.

Ben Carson is the best Neurosurgeon alive today but do you know he would have failed miserably if he had decided to be a Civil Engineer.

Serena Williams is arguably the best female tennis player alive today. Will you then call her a failure because she cannot play Badminton?

Let no one despise you my dear friend. We are all in the same world but on different lanes. Locate your lane and run your race (I repeat) Locate your lane and run your race. Don't let anyone despise you.


But the problem with our world is that we bundle everybody up in the same basket and judge everybody with the same yardstick whilst we forget that we are all different in our various survival skills, and each one of us has his own uniqueness.

In our schools for instance, the guy with an “A” grade in Maths is considered successful while the guy with an “F” grade is considered a failure. We however forget that a man that's meant to be a musician does not need an “A” grade in Maths to sing very well.

In our universities for example, the first class students are often seen as the super successful millionaires of the future while the average students are seen as the ones who will struggle through life.

We also forget that making a first class in the university is not the same as making a first class in life because it takes an entirely different skill set to survive and to thrive outside the walls of a university.

These skills are never taught in school and that's why many “A” grade students struggle through life after school. No wonder Robert Kiyosaki wrote a book titled "Why A students work for C students".

The man who decides to drop out of school and learn a trade in the line of his passion is often seen as inferior to his mates in school. But we fail to understand that education itself is an over-hyped scam in this part of the world (I will write on that another day)

Am I making a case for mediocrity and failure? Not at all. Rather, I am trying to let you see that success and failure are relative terms and therefore it is wrong to call a man a failure because he is not doing well in an area that’s not his calling.

It is not everybody that will succeed as a university graduate. When Ronald Nzimora dropped out of university many years ago, he was called a failure. But today, he runs a Digital Marketing Agency that does over 35 billion Naira annually consulting for big firms in Nigeria.

When Waju Abraham dropped out of medical school, he was called a failure. But today he is not only a multi millionaire; he has made many people millionaire themselves. These are Nigerians like you and I. The fact that they failed in school did not mean they are failures in life.

I have deliberately decided to use Nigerian examples that you can easily relate with and not to use foreign examples of the likes of Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg etc.

It is not everybody that will succeed in business, it’s not everybody that will succeed in fashion and entertainment, know thy strength my dear friend.


You are not a failure. You are not a mediocre. If you have failed in any endeavour before, it’s probably because you have not found your strength.

Find the relationship between you and the world.

Connect with your spirit.

Find your strength.

A fish cannot fly no matter how much it tries. A lion cannot swim no matter how hard it trains. It’s not because the fish or the lion is a failure, it’s simply because they are designed for specific habitats and every creature only thrives and flourishes in the habitat for which they are designed, and that includes you my dear friend.

Know thy strength buddy. Know thy habitat.

My admonition to you this Year is that you make every effort to know yourself. Self discovery is the pathway to greatness. It is the highway of life. It is the incubation point for every great achievement.

Greatness lays in you my friend. The world is waiting for you. You were born to be the joy of many generations. You are not a failure. I believe in you and I love you dearly.

You will succeed.

Continue to work on yourself.. Be self devoted and succeed.

Thank you so much for reading.

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See you on the next post. Stay safe.

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