What is Stopping You from Your Goals??

 Hello, September is here again! The quarter of the year...!

What came to your mind when you found out that we are already in September? 

Where you excited or worried? 

Where you happy that you are halfway closer to achieving your goals for the year 2020, or are there things that stopped you?

Do you know that the same thing that is making others happy, can also make others to be sad? 

Yes, and that means, while others are excited that they are alive and had accomplished a lot this year, there will be those who are complaining and grumbling about the various things that didn't work out as planned, instead of focusing on that one thing that worked or still working for them.

Which one among the two kind of persons do you belong? 

The one that is excited about his or her dreams, goals, and aspirations, or the one who is worried about the poor accomplishments this year?

Here is the truth. If you belong to the first group, you can even lift your vision some more, but if you are in the second group, you can still start. 

This might sound funny to you or anybody reading this, but you have to start.


Don't look at the months that have passed, focus on what you can achieve within these few months that are remaining. Keep your head up. Fix your eyes on the prize.

You don't have to compare yourself with others or wished that you are them, the competition is with yourself. It starts with the first step. It might look like it's not working, but little drops of water if consistently done can make a mighty ocean.

How to Win the Months Ahead

While most would like to be the best versions of themselves and see all their dreams fulfilled automagically, it doesn't always just happen that way. 

Life is in stages... and time, is the great rewarder... 

Often, to be the best version of yourself it requires some effort and dedication

If you're looking for ways to improve yourself and your life so you can achieve your dreams/goals within the few months ahead, here are a two important steps you can take:

1. Improve Your Physical Health.


2. Tap Into Your Inner Self.

1. Improve Your Physical Health

One of the first things you should do when trying to be the best you can be is to start looking after your physical health. This is one of the most basic things that many overlook. 

Your physical health can have a direct impact on how you feel, how much you can accomplish in a day, and ultimately many of the decisions that you make.

When it comes to maintaining good physical health, there are two main components to think about...

a. What you eat, 


b. How active you are. 

a. What you eat.

Eating a balanced and nutrient dense diet is an effective way to not only make sure that you feel energized throughout the day, but also to help reduce many health issues as well. 

To make sure that you're eating well, you should not only include a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables, but lean protein and good fats as well. 

Additionally, if you think you will struggle to get all the nutrients you need out of your diet alone, it can be beneficial to try health boosting supplements or drinks that include things like isolate protein which can help give you the boost you need.

b. How active you are. 

Along with eating a healthy diet, you also need to make sure that you're getting enough physical activity into your day. 

Working out not only helps reduce fat and build lean muscle, but it also can balance your sex hormones like testosterone and estrogen, as well as boost happiness hormones like serotonin. 

With all of the things that exercise can do for your body and mood, it's no wonder that it can also improve your confidence levels, too. 

Also, while it's important to exercise daily, you don't always have to spend a lot of time doing it to get good results. For many, working out as little as 15 to 20 minutes a day can bring many positive changes.

You can follow the schedule that work best for you... and when you are done, 

2. Tap Into Your Inner Self

Do you know how much you can still do within the next few months before this year runs out? They are very much!

But to succeed, you will need your brain to cooperate with you. 

When you're trying to be your best version of yourself, it isn't just your physical body that matters, it's what’s going on with you mentally and emotionally that counts, too. 

Because of this, there can be a lot to gain from finding ways to look inside and get to know your inner self better. 

Some great ways to accomplish this are:

a. Meditating, 


b. Journaling.

a. Meditating.

Meditation, also known as mindfulness, can not only be great for calming your nervous system and reducing stress levels, but it can bring other benefits, too. 

Along with reducing stress it can also improve sleep quality and your ability to focus. 

Over time, it may even change the structure of your brain and improve your resilience to stress over the long term. 

Additionally, meditation can have emotional and spiritual benefits, too. By regularly taking time to still your mind and look inward, you can get in better touch with who you are and what you want out of life. 

Now, to get the best result, one might be wondering: How long should meditation take?

While any amount of meditation on a regular basis will be helpful, to get the best results you should aim to meditate for about 15 to 20 minutes a day.

b. Journaling.

Journaling can be another effective way to generate and track personal growth. 

All you need to do here is to carry a little notepad or a dairy with you, so you can write down your immediate thoughts, feelings, and inspirations.

It can be a good way to release emotions, but also to gain a better understanding of yourself and how your thoughts and feelings effect your life. 

The more you journal, the more you may begin to see patterns in your life, and you can then make plans for how to change old patterns that could be harming you, while creating newer, more positive ones.

With journaling, you will be able to grasp what is working for you, and what is not working. 

With journaling, you will be able to detect what you need to do, and what needs to be changed.



Take that step now. 

What is that dream of yours? 

Start Now. 

Don't wait for anybody. You don't have to figure it all out

You know what, when you start, you will be amazed that some of your fears will not even show up.

While some may wish that all their dreams should just materialize without any effort, the reality is that sometimes it's necessary to take extra steps to make it happen. Even though it may seem like a daunting task, the reality is that with a little effort it can be possible.

You can still do it. Take that first step because what you have now is all that you need. 

Welcome to the new month! 

The beginning of the next adventure...

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