How to Cultivate a Resilient Mind!!

A resilient mind is the mindset you need to succeed in life.

In difficult times like this pandemic (Covid-19) era, one can be easily led astray or confused due to short-sightedness if we remain too focus in the moment, or the present 'new normal'.

But how do you continue to push when you know that your chances of survival is minimal.

How do you maintain your hope when the situation you are presently in, seems hopeless? Please read on... 

I have noticed a particular habit in my life that has never stop to amazed me.

As a general habit, I love to move towards greater purpose, such as by exploring different self-improvement habits, survival skills, and business models to find approaches that feel aligned and motivating. 

I know that if my projects aren't meaningful enough, it will be hard to be productive and to enjoy my work. It's important to know that I'm doing a work that's making a different for people and that I'm not just spinning my wheels. 

I like moving towards greater forms of contribution and ripples... 

What I have learned on the journey, is: You can fall for anything if you found no meaning in life.

Meaning is a moving target. What feels meaningful one year may start feeling hollow the next year. I think that's because meaning and growth go hand-in-hand. Growth experiences feel more purposeful than maintenance activities.

The more meaning you find in life, the more growth and purposeful your life will become... As your life becomes more purposeful, the more resilient your mind will become. 

There are so many interesting directions to seek greater meaning. 

You can face fears. 

You can turn towards more contribution. 

You can shift to more creative work. 

You can lean towards teamwork or leadership. 

You can build a variety of interesting skills. 

You can experiment and explore, delving into new and unfamiliar aspects of life. 

You can ask big questions about the nature of reality and seek to build better philosophical models. 

You can look for really great friends and intimate relationships. 

You can seek out interesting mentors and mastermind groups. 

You can look into areas of shame or guilt to unlock forgiveness and self-acceptance.

What you can't do is settle for a life that doesn't feel meaningful or purposeful. 

Why should you not give up even after you have tried over 98 times?

It is because "Genius is one percent inspiration, and ninety-nine percent perspiration." 

That's what Thomas Edison said about Success. 

While inventing the lightbulb, we are told, he tried 3,000 attempts before finally finding a suitable filament that would glow without immediately burning out. 

This serves as an inspirational reminder that things like natural creativity are often much less important than dogged determination. There’s no doubt that passion and perseverance are essential to reaching your long-term goals.

But it’s important to remember the strategic process that Edison went through to reach his goal. He didn’t just haphazardly move from one failed design after another, but constantly adapted and refined his ideas.

At each step of the journey, he was making intelligent decisions that he learnt from the failures and built on the small successes.

Edison has what scientists calls a "strategic mindset". 

Individuals with a strategic mindset are constantly looking for a more efficient route forwards. They have a tendency to question and refine their current approach in the face of setbacks and challenges. 

While others diligently follow the same convoluted path, individuals with a strategic mindset are constantly looking for a more efficient route forwards. It helps them figure out how to direct their efforts more effectively. 

Simply put, having a strategic mindset means being intentional about your thinking. You monitor your progress in reaching your goal, you recognize your flaws and the areas that need improvement and then set out steps to overcome those challenges.

You might wonder if this is something naturally occurring, or if it can be trained. Well the good news is, studies have shown that having a strategic mindset can be developed! 

And here's an article you can read to find out if you have a strategic mind. 

And even if you realize you might not, it's just an overview that serves as a reminder for all of us, that our current approach to managing certain challenges isn’t necessarily the best one, and we should always be on a constant lookout for ways to improve. 

Genius may be one percent inspiration and 99% perspiration, but with some strategic thinking, we can save ourselves a lot of blood, sweat and tears! 

So if you're looking for a strategic way to map out and reach your goals successfully, check out this article.

Thank you so much for reading and looking forward for your feedback.

Until next post. Stay safe!

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