Who is Leading Your Life?


 If you want to succeed in life, you must answer this question first: By what—Do I measure My life?

It will be wrong to judge a fish by its inability to climb a tree, just as it will be out of place to judge a monkey by its inability to swim. And You don't call a lion a failure because it cannot fly.

You are going to learn a very important life lesson in this post. Please.. Don't be distracted.

How to Cultivate a Resilient Mind!!

A resilient mind is the mindset you need to succeed in life.

In difficult times like this pandemic (Covid-19) era, one can be easily led astray or confused due to short-sightedness if we remain too focus in the moment, or the present 'new normal'.

But how do you continue to push when you know that your chances of survival is minimal.

How do you maintain your hope when the situation you are presently in, seems hopeless? Please read on... 

How to Create a Strategic Mindset

Do you have a strategic mindset? 

Your answer may varies, based on your knowledge or understanding of the word: a strategic mindset. What do you think it is? 

Don't worry if it looks fuzzy to you at the moment... By the time you reach the end of this article, you will understand clearly, with some test to see if you have it or not. Read on...

Is It too Late to Set a Goal?

How would you feel, if you were able to fulfill all the goals you set last year, and see all your dreams came true? 

Would it have made any difference on you and the life you are living today? 

If yes, then what difference would that be? 

Would you have:
  • Made more money?
  • Saved your marriage?
  • Get a scholarship? 
  • Built your own house?
  • Get the wife/husband of your dreams?
  • Be your own boss & business manager?
  • Be rich and now financially free? 
  • Gotten more friends and prestige? 
  • Be grand master of yourself?

What is Stopping You from Your Goals??

 Hello, September is here again! The quarter of the year...!

What came to your mind when you found out that we are already in September? 

Where you excited or worried? 

Where you happy that you are halfway closer to achieving your goals for the year 2020, or are there things that stopped you?

Do you know that the same thing that is making others happy, can also make others to be sad?