Why do most people don't practice positive affirmation?

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Some times, during the evening, while lying down on my bed, I would wonder: How can something so powerful, uplifting and motivating as this, be limited to a few amount of devoted people??

From my experience, the underlying factors could be wrong believes, views, and wrong mindset about things or people that was picked up at an early age.

Let me explain...


Positive Affirmation begins with your mindset. It`s like a code to a computer software. Get the code right, and you`re all set. Get it wrong, however, and you don`t have a properly-working software.

When I was young, I thought people who talk to themselves for any reason, had a problem in the innermost part of their head.

That was exactly my thoughts on Ela my class mate, back in college (name changed).

She used to talk to herself a lot.

That moment when situations forces you to request for her Eraser and she will be looking at you absent mindedly, mumbling to herself things you wish you could hear, ha!

To my surprise, Ela was also among the bright students that got the best results during our exams!

I noted her courage during peer pressure, jotted it down, and moved on.

Now, many years has passed, I still remember her. Now I respect people who talk to themselves a lot.

If you do not have the right mindset, you will think positive affirmations are a waste of time.

"Who go better, go better" was the reply from Peter (name changed), when I encouraged him to invite more positive affirmations to his life.

So, you see, you need to have the right mindset to have the motivation that spring from positive affirmation. Simply see the world through the window of self motivated people, and you`ll be like them.

Wrong Mindset

Two friends were financially trained by one master. And one went on to start up and maintained a little business that has grown to become a company, while he keeps on saying these words to himself everyday "Great things never came from comfort zones."

But the other, equipped with the same skills, will hustle for a Thousand Dollar, and withdraw back to base to enjoy himself. And when his money has been spent completely, he will borrow a few hundreds, and move back to hustling again. He will pay his debt, make another Thousand Dollar, and off he will go and enjoy himself (saying: body nor be firewood!). He does this every time he makes a significant amount of money (not just thousand), but so it goes... and the time keeps moving on.

I believe you can predict the future of these two guys. Right?

But what did you noticed that differentiate this two friends?

One possesses a growth mindset that builds knowledge and skills while seeking mastery and excellence.

And the other is short sighted by a moment of gratification and unmotivated to work and build his future.

Every person's mindset varies because there's no possibility for a mindset to be entirely fixed. Every experience (even the less significant ones) produce changes in our mentality, so acknowledging this first aspect is key to an improving self-awareness.

With positive affirmation, comes self-awareness. And with self-awareness, comes motivation - motivation to succeed even in a hopeless situation.

So why would anybody want to abandon such an energetic lifestyle?

One reason I can remember, is ignorance. Hence the need to continue to develop our motivating power, thoughts and ideas.

My top seven mind-shifting advice

Without further ado, here are my top seven mind-shifting advice you need to consider to build your motivating power, thoughts and ideas.

  1. Love yourself.
  2. Dare to be different.
  3. You were not made to give up.
  4. Only you can motivate yourself.
  5. No one can make you feel inferior.
  6. The only person who can defeat you, is you.
  7. No matter how unlucky you feel about yourself or your life today, you can always make it better.

:.:.Remember what you have learned, and in case you are wondering why you should invite positive affirmation into your life, it has already been answered below (read on..).

Why should positive affirmation be my habit?

The example of the two friends who had learned financial skills from one master has so much application for us all.

The "why" part is a question you must answer, if you want to experience the full potential of positive affirmation.

For example, all successful people ---vigorous and the lazy yet firm--- have a positive attitude towards life.

This attitude is important because, it helps you win.
It`s like saying to yourself:
  • "Everything will work out for me".
  • "I am a winner".
  • "The tools I need to succeed are in my possession".
  • "There is nobody better to get the job done than me".
  • "I have faith in my social skills".
...among many others.

Make positive affirmation your daily habit, and you will raise your #confidence_bar at once!

You won`t go anywhere if you do not believe in yourself due to lack of confidence and fear (things that affirmations can reduce).

Personally, I wouldn't put my money or trust on someone who doesn't know what he is doing. No offence though, it's just the simple truth. Other people just can't believe in you, if you can't stand for yourself.

Positive affirmation makes you to be aware of yourself. The fact is, we all needs encouragement, but should you move around craving for it? No-o. You should encourage yourself. Talk to yourself!

Daily positive-affirmation helps you identify your flaws, and also correct them immediately.

What is the best time for self affirmation?

No matter how unlucky you feel about yourself now, you can change it with positive affirmation.

But, positive affirmations, like medicines, have their own prescription or approach.

And for self affirmation, the best time is anytime. Either at the time of your relaxation or you are out there in the field, say it! Let your ears hear what you have purposed for your body.

Know what you really want in your life, and talk about it to yourself in the morning including afternoon and evening, then it will just materialise. It will just happen.

Embrace your flaws

Everyone is different in their own way. You have your own flaws as much as you have your own qualities. Stress upon those positive qualities and embrace the flaws.

Know beforehand that you will have some 'off days' whenever you try something new (especially this affirmation thing)... there will be Days that you may not like to continue the habit of seriously talking to yourself.

But never give up and don't be discourage by your own weakness. Look back and be grateful for the little progress you have made and be cool with it.

You will benefit from these "Off and On" days if you sincerely work hard and maintain your positive affirmation habit.

It's all about adopting a growth mindset that combines between accepting mistakes and using them as lessons and corner blocks for even bigger successes.

What is your plan now?

What is on your mind now? Have you written your positive self affirmations already?

If you have not one, create it right now!! Write it down in your note!!

Most people live their lives without a dream or a vision, which usually backfires.

But as for you, my reader... Do not follow the crowd.

Do not live a moment longer without having a Dream.

Do not live a moment longer without having a Vision.

Do not live a moment longer without having a Positive Self Affirmation.

Now, the tools you need to succeed are in your possession. Use them! Everything will work out for you if you use them. There is nobody better to get the job done than you. I believe in you.

Jeff Bezos once said: "The common question that gets asked in business is, 'why?' That's a good question, but an equally valid question is, 'why not?'"

So think positively. Think positive affirmation.

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