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If I tell you that there is a system that could make you work faster and be better aware of yourself, will you embrace it?

What if I show you a pattern that will actually help you to get rid of your old negative habit, which could make you work smarter and more efficient than your former self, will you embrace it?

Stay with me...

I know that there is no such thing as coincidence when I'm following my true part (you will know why in the end).
Yet, you will still see some people who believes that everything just happens to us without control.

If you know one of such, then tell him  "wake up and adjust your thinking."

Please (I can't hear you), could you please say this out loud? "Wake up and adjust your thinking!!"

Yes.. we will need that on this journey of 'positive affirmation result', because, "whatever you sow, you will reap".
It all starts from what is in your heart. What you are taking in. The information you have been feeding your mind.

Your brain is a king decision maker.

The "little information" you take in each day, plays a part in shaping your life negatively, or positively.

If you could update your brain to become a better version of yourself, things will just happen as the intended side effect of the choices you make, everyday.

That is what you will learn about, shortly..

If you are curious about what positive affirmation can do for you, be patient and read on... wait until you hear my story.

In this post, you will learn:

  • What can positive affirmation do for you?
  • Why do most people don't practice self affirmation?
  • Why should positive affirmation be your habit?
  • What is the best time for self affirmation?

Now listen...

Nine years ago, I bought an umbrella. A beautiful one and the first I had bought with money from my own pocket.

It was the month of heavy rainfall (July).

I was content, while holding the umbrella in my hand, walking home from the store I bought it, as I imagine myself walking boldly and gently whenever and wherever the rain would meet me.

Fast forward to 3 days later.

It was morning and the rain seems to last forever, maybe the rain wanted to force me to eat Eba that precious morning ( I don't know), so I went in instead, in search of a sliced bread in a market close to my home (just 7 mins walk) for my tea.

In the store I met some familiar faces, so we talk and talk and talk while I rest my umbrella somewhere.

The rain stopped while we were talking, and the present heat from the sun is hot.

I went back home with my sliced bread, leaving my beautiful umbrella behind...

I was reminded after two days by the rain. But then, the second owner got there first, before me and so my beautiful umbrella was taken (stolen)! Because of forgetfulness.

Fast forward to 2 years later...

One day, I went (on a bicycle) to visit a closed friend of mine. So after games and talkativities, I went home on foot, leaving my bicycle behind (imagine!).

To me, Forgetfulness was a disease!

But besides forgetfulness, was overspending and eating even when I'm not hungry!!

I was angry most times for no reason, and so disappointed with myself. Then, I would look at the mirror, and all I would see was a bad image; bad example... I was not happy.

It was at this point in time I came across a post by someone on facebook about four or five years ago (can't remember his name). It says,

"...-if you know what you are looking for, you can get it".

And I made a reversed version of it in my note. Which is: 'if you don't know what you are looking for, you can not get it'.

You will keep running what some gurus called "the rat race". Doing the same thing everyday with no positive change or result. And then, I became aware of what to do.

The birth of a new habit.

From the day, I came across that post, I knew I would never be the same again.

I have made negative choices in the past, but this does not mean that I am a bad person, nor am I stuck with these negative choices.

In fact, do you know that talking nicely to yourself when it is all doom and gloom is a skill that comes even before working well under pressure? 

Well, we shall come to that shortly.

As I was saying before, I bought a notebook, and on the first page, among the best thoughts I wrote down was: 

"From this minute, I will remain in the presence."

"I have immense freedom in that I can choose what to think."


"Remind me"

I say them in the morning, afternoon and evening, and...
It works!

From the day I started reminding myself what was really important to me, and the thing I needed to do or where I should be in a particular day (morning, afternoon and evening), everything changed.

That was when I realised that talking nicely to yourself when it is all doom and gloom is a skill that comes even before working well under pressure. It leaves you with only one option which is: keep moving..

If you can't fly, then, run!

If you can't run, then, walk!
If you can't walk, then, crawl!
Whatever you do, you have to keep moving.

(Now, that was my story I just told you on how difficult it was to get rid of an old, unwanted habit...

While it may depends on how long it has been a part of your life, the most effective way to eliminate an old habit is to find a new empowering one to replace it with. And mine is through positive affirmation.)

At a time, I invented two positive affirmation for myself. And wrote them down in my note (and in my heart).

"Where am I?"

"What time is it?"

They were more like a question in appearance, yet they opens you to a whole new way of thinking, approach, and perspective.

"Where am I?" helps me to stay close with my thoughts while remaining in the present, with a warning: "Don't lose yourself in other to find it."

By the way, have you ever seen yourself walking around in your room absent-mindedly yet you can't remember what exactly you were looking for?

Or have you ever been to a meeting where a member was asked to say what he wanted to say (perhaps he was interrupted before), and in reply, he said, "I have forgotten what I wanted to say"?

Well, the quote "where am I?" could just be the solution to that challenge or habit.

"What time is it?" helps me to be couscous of whatever I am doing so that I do not forget myself. It's more like 'what am I supposed to be doing at this particular time.' This was actually a concept I borrowed from the wise king Solomon who says, "For everything there is an appointed time, even a time for every affair under the heavens".

I would have loved to tell you more on how positive affirmation had saved me from the habit of 'procrastination' and 'over-eating', including being an 'early-riser'. But I intend to make this post very short (winks). Maybe in some other post.

I want you to know that if not for 'positive affirmation',, maybe I could have forgotten my precious legs somewhere I can't remember. But with the help of positive affirmation, I stays, remain and maintain a positive outlook through life (even when the road was not always smooth).

I couldn't give up even when the seasons were different from what I had expected. I still shows up, and 'keep the ball rolling'.

It doesn't ends there... By taking more positive actions, I bring more positive results into my life. Isn't that what you want in your life too? Positive result?

Now let us go deeper...

What can positive affirmation do for you?

There is one thing about this positive affirmation habit that I liked so much. It is like updating your brain neurons (system) with energetic informations (codes) that could change it completely, or influence your decisions and mode of approach to every unexpected action and tasks that comes your way!

And do you know what happens after that?? PRO-ACTIVITY!

There are a whole lot of things you can do after updating your brain with positive affirmation:

  • You will know your path,
  • Fast decision making,
  • Unwavering to peer pressure,
  • A new vision or variation to sight,
  • More energy with lack of distraction,
  • Motivation that stems from the inside,
  • Proper motivation that leads to efficiency,
  • ... and many more!

Now that you already know what positive affirmation can do for you, lets go practice it. Shall we?

Note... these benefits do not come automagically. It takes a period of time with trials and errors, until it becomes a culture. So, humble yourself, be patient and walk the talk. You will reap the rewards in the end.

The most effective way to eliminate an old habit is to find a new empowering one to replace it with. Think positive affirmation.

For example, if you want to be an early-riser, A few minutes at night to list the first three things you will do the next morning and a few minutes the next morning to cross-check the three task in your list and saying it out loudly to yourself alone would be an excellent start.

#Serious_talking_to_self_Mode Activated...

I called this system, the game changer.

However, I`ve known some people - me included - who aren`t the strongest or the most powerful (at least by onlookers) out there, yet they still managed to understand how the universe worked, realised the steps to unfold their dreams through positive self-affirmation, and used that little knowledge to build tribes and tons of fans.

It's just like the quote which says, "Nothing is Impossible".

But, why do most people don't practice positive affirmation?

(Continue reading...)

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