Waking Up Early is as Simple as A B C with no App!

It was a cold morning the weather was cool because it rained cat and dog the previous night. And now, you’re feeling warm and comfortable under your mattress, hoping to remain there as comfortable as you can and then, suddenly,
the “Grrin-Grron Grrin” sound “from nowhere” (it actually came from somewhere you know very well, for a fact!). 

You groan, with your hand ready to comply as it goes in search for the source of that ‘noise’ ( and not ‘alarm’ at the moment anymore). 

Somehow, it manage to fetch it out and placed it “where it belongs”, under snooze; you took a deep breath, roll over, and went back to your unfinished business.


Does the above picture described you? 
Having trouble achieving your goals because you always wake late? 
Have you lose your respect due to late coming to work or missed important appointment?

This is about early rising for night owls. If you are a true night owl and hate mornings, I don't believe your life would remain the same after reading this article.

If you have experience the above scenario before, you are not alone. Being an early riser is a lifelong habit. A quality possessed by almost all successful and intelligent people. 

Most people will agree with me that it is easier to set up the alarm than to follow its call and order.

Looking Back

My Dad didn't think he would ever see the day when I was up and around an hour before I needed to get somewhere. Why?

I was never an early riser. The day I fall asleep while brushing my teeth was a day I will never forget. 

It was a lifelong struggle with waking up in the morning. I will set my phone next to my pillow before bed. In the morning, it will find itself under snooze, and if it keeps bugging me, well, I don’t know how my hand usually manages to find it and switch it off! 

And that is how it all began.

But that was 5 years ago. Now, my mornings have really-really changed, totally (but not automatically).

Every early riser you see today, have come a long way. It is a lifelong journey, couples with self-discipline.

Sure, we do experience 'cozy-moment' at one point in our lives. But when it becomes a habit, as an obstacle (like appendices), draining you of energy and depriving you from reaching your desired goal, then, something have to be done about it, to keep it in check and control; to save you from potential life disaster.

Remember, you where the one who set up the alarm, but now your body is finding it difficult to follow the instruction your brain had set the night before. 

The groggy person hitting the snooze button now wasn’t the same clear-thinking person that had set the alarm the night before. 

What could the reason, b-e?

The challenge

Just as difficult as it is to cure a disease until it is fully recognized; likewise it is also difficult to be an early-riser unless you have discovered your own weakness. 

Without it, you will find it hard to make progress.

From my own experience, I've learned that if you allow yourself to be a victim of the sweet moment due to your good living, and concentrate on your own body weakness, then you will never be an early riser. 

It is fine, if you are not a fan. But if you are, never let the cozy-moment and body weakness to deprive you from becoming one of the early birds.

The cozy-moment: The above scenario is what we called, ‘the cozy-moment’. When you are in a cozy-moment, nothing else in the world matters; and all the good intentions in the world can not pull you out of bed. 

It usually requires a splash of water on your forehead, to get up from the bed (okay that is not funny!).

Our Own Weakness: From what we have seen from the above scenario, our body weakness and the condition of the weather (original or artificial) play an important role in helping us to either "rise and shine" or "rise then sleep over again". 

So, it becomes easier to stay awake till 6 a.m., than to wake up at 6 a.m.; and most times, the weather can be very friendly and comfortable! 

That is why it is difficult for us to go to bed by 2 a.m., and wake up at 6 a.m.

You are about to learn how you can definitely wake up at 6 a.m., even if you went to bed by 2 a.m. or your body is accustomed to waking late.

You are about to learn how I finally trained myself to wake up early everyday, and practical ways that have really-really helped me to keep sleep in control. Read on...

Practical ways that works

This is my a.b.c (simple formula) of waking up early from bed.

Most people I know need that 6.5 - 7.5 hours every night, and We are all different too; but whatever sleep time you need, well - that's what you need. 

We are all designed in a customised way. No doubt, sleep is good for your brain, memory, and your over-all health. 

For that, you may want to sleep or remain warm under your comfortable mattress throughout each day (perhaps, you have achieved all that you wanted from life).

But if you have a goal (a plan) with a motivated desire to achieve it (no matter what happen), then this article is for you, and you should dedicate your time and self to digest and apply what you are about to learn at this moment.

You might want to consult your doctor before you begin with these steps, as our strengths may varies...

Below are my few ideas to wake your body and brain up (and keep them alert all day long)

1. Water Fasting 8-6

To start getting up early from bed (as a beginner), you need to clear your system of some fat, undigested-food, and some toxic wastes accumulated during your daily activities.   

If waking up early is your priority, and then, this is the first step required to begin with. 

But if your circumstance (e.g. your health) does not allow you to practice this step, then no problem; feel free to move on to the next step...

For those with the privilege of energy, please read on...

Here is how it's done: Eat whatever suit you in the morning before 8 am; then continue with water after that moment when you will be hungry. 

During the day when you will be hungry, fill the space in the stomach with water. When you feel like eating something, just keep drinking water only. 

Wait until it is 6 pm, and then, you're free to eat whatever you want, in SMALL QUANTITY. The next day, your body will wake you up!

  • a. Eat in the morning (8 am).
  • b. Drink water all-through (and be busy).
  • c. Then eat again by evening (6 pm)

And you're free to go to bed when you are ready!

2. Plan for the next day

When you prepare yourself mentally to wake up early, it becomes easier to run through your morning routine in your head so that you have a game plan for the early hours. 

Actually, it’s not easy to just lie on your bed, or sleep late, and expect your body to wake you up early the next day. Some programming works needs to be done to keep your body at alert. 

That is where the planning comes in.
If you have a plan, you won't need to think about it when morning comes. Instead, you’ll just move.

As you lay in bed, drifting off to sleep, tell yourself:
 "I need to wake up early tomorrow.
I need to wake up at 6 a.m.,
make a cup of coffee,
shower, shave, and
be out the door by 6:45" and so on...

Like me, make a list of everything you need to do and take with you in the morning so that you don’t have to think too much in the morning. 

It has become easy for me to go jogging in the morning when I go to bed on my jogging clothes, with my shoes nearby.

It is easy for me to mention jogging; for it is what I do four days in the week. Yours may be different. You may love walking (with earphones on) or Even dancing in the morning when you wake. 

Whatever energizes you and make you ready to focus on your most important goal in the morning, DO IT. 

I just don't want you stumble out of bed and waste the first few hours of your precious life.

Your motivating factors may be different, but I hope you understand the reason why planning' is a must to all early risers; as it could help you to decide what should come first in the morning and then second as the day unfold.

With this step you will not wake up in the morning, roll over, and sleep again. For, you know what you got to do now.

3. The "Water 1st, Supper 2nd" rule

Supper is the food consumed before going to bed. Any meal eaten in the evening...

Now, the above practices will do just fine in getting you out of bed early in the morning, but if you still feel that when your morning alarm would go off, all the good intentions in the world couldn’t pull you out of bed, then this part for you.

Our body usually find peace with the bed only if it is treated, and satisfied with the evening meal.
But when it is not satisfied with the evening ration, there would be difficulties in the continuation of sleep and dreams, so the body springs up (like a baby, not well fed) seeking for attention early in the morning.

For this reason, we apply the "water first, supper second" rule.

To apply the "water 1st, supper 2nd" rule, you only need to eat as normal during the day. Then, when it's time for supper, you drink a glass of water first (depending on the size of the  glass and your ability). 

Just fill the empty space with water first, and then continue with your supper. Eat whatever pleases you (heavy, or light food), it doesn't matter. And when you're done, feel free to go to bed when you are ready.

The reason why we are doing this is to reduce the amount of food content that will go straight into your stomach.

If all went as explained, you will wake up before your alarm (this I promised you). 

This rule is my antidote for body weakness and it has been working very well for me more than five years now. 

The first evening I practiced it, I was surprised (the next morning) to find myself gently nudged out of my sleep an hour earlier than usual but a lot less groggy and cranky.

4. Commit your friends

A friend in need is a friend indeed.
Seek for help!

This step works like magic especially if you feel you are becoming a chronic night owl.

This is what you are only going to do:

Write down the names of two early risers among your trusted friends (they doesn't have to be in the same age with you, as they could be younger or older than you), and when you done, contact them (on phone or meet them) separately.

Let assume your friends are male and you have found one.

Ask him how he is able to wake up early even when the weather is cold. Then listen to what he will say. When you have added that to your knowledge, tell him about your challenge and your desire to be an early-riser too. 

I'm sure he would be very happy to help (as a friend). Just ask him: "will it be convenient for you to call me by '6 a.m.' tomorrow?" that is, if '6 a.m.' is what you choose as your waking time.

If one among your two friends or both chooses to call you at your desired time, fine. Then you have two soldiers watching your back. 

When tomorrow calls has been accomplished, thank them and show you're grateful, and then you can request again for the next day, but this time, let them know you will compensate them, in a way that you can (if that will motivate them). That is it.

If you are with your family, this step can be best practice with your mate, siblings, or your children.

5. Snooze it with your toe

Well, if you don't want to bother your friends and siblings in the previous step, then, this part is here to rescue you from the grip of sleep and the comfort of your bed. 

This part is self-explanatory. So I will not spend much time on this part. Our general culture is to keep the alarm clock or our cell phones close to our bed, where it could easily be arrested by our hands when the bugging starts.

But now, change the culture

Keep your alarm appliances under your feet. Or you could keep your alarm clock or cell phone above your head, and then sleep in opposite direction, or just keep it straight under your feet (to be on the safer side). 

So when it set off, you open your eyes, stand up, then move closer, and switch it off with your toe (then, you are free to use your hand if you which). 

Sleeping in opposite direction will keep the alarm safe from your searching hands. So when it continue bugging you then, you will get up(set), walk or move closer and place it where it belongs! But then, you will be fully awakened.

Finally, make it your goal and keep the fire burning. 

Fill in the cracks of your day with inspiration on how and why to wake up early.

Once you have mastered the act of waking up early, it will not even matter if you went late to bed, you will still wake up in your desired time (I wake up at least once or twice at night within my “four hour sleep” periods).

Now I do not need an alarm because I do not just wake up; my body wakes me up! It doesn’t matter the struggle, the labored effort or the changes I have to make to succeed. What really count, is the end result, being an early riser; a winner over my weakness.

Don’t forget, early risers aren't born, they are made (like everyone), and they have not two heads, but just one (like everyone).

So why don’t you start today? 

Live each day like it's your last and get the most out of those precious first few hours!

Your Turn

Tell me how you won your struggle with sleep recently? What other practical steps or solutions have helped you?
I would love to hear from you (all the night owls).


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