How to Master Your Time

Everyone in the working arena are consciously and unconsciously singing a song with the LETTER headed title: 


And so, we resort to the fastest way of doing things. But what could be the consequence?

No doubt you may have made some hasty decisions, horrible mistakes, which made you to not just have to start all over again, but have to suffer the consequence at some point in your life (like spilling coffee on your keyboard, splashing water on your rug, hitting your foot on a stool, or worse like stepping on a snake) due to an unnecessary hasty action. 

And when you sit down to reflect on what have just happened, and then you will realize that it happened as a result of one hasty action from either you or your friend (like the spill of coffee on your keyboard).

 What You Should Know

You are not alone. We all rush at one point in our lives. Especially when attending a job interview, when there is a food burning in the kitchen, and when there is an important person at the door.

But many time, we just rush when there is no important reason for it (you know them), like when we are preparing to go out for visiting, and when going out for shopping... 

In fact, will you believe if I tell you that there are many people who don’t know where they are going and they want to get there too fast? 

You see, we need to slow down... Once you stop rushing through life, you will be amazed how much more life you have time for.

I've been thinking about this a lot lately, as I was searching for the keys to my house. I have to lock the door before living to meet a colleague by 8:00am, but... my keys are nowhere to be found!!

1. Rushing cost you time

By 7:30am, I am ready to leave. But I can't leave without my keys. That moment I became weak and depressed, filled with anger and powerless.

 Why was I even rushing anyway? I mumble to myself. I should have been gentler this morning. 

I should have taken things a bit slower this morning. 

I should have postponed the typing of those documents (they will be use the next day anyway). 

Those calls I made this morning, I should have been back before making them. 

Why did I even choose to be there 30mins earlier? 

He's my colleague and would have understood if I had arrived there gently by 8:02am. 

But now I would disappoint him by not going (so I thought).

I noticed that I searched everywhere except one place... My POCKETS!!!

Shockingly, I found the keys silently in my left combat-trouser pocket I was wearing after 28mins of searching (Graraaraaahhhh!).

I went anyway, but it was difficult to be 
happy throughout that day after the pre-ambles (incident). 

Then I remember the words of a dear old friend: “If you complain about the world moving too fast, slow down”.

I began to wonder... we’re in a hurry to get things done and we rush and rush until life’s no fu
n; which is not very good because, all we’ve really got to do is live and die.

We all want to be efficient with our time, because it's our most precious commodity; but what if it's more efficient way to do things slowly that we needs? 

What if going faster actually slows us down? What do you think? 

Most men pursue pleasure with such breathless haste that they hurry past it. Why don’t they go and learn from nature that accomplishes everything and yet does not hurry?

2. Rushing induce stress

This is where our health comes in. If we take our time in what we do and get it done right the first time, it will not only free and earn us much time during the day, but will also boost our immune system. 

I don't really know about you, but I noticed I frequently forget things when I'm rushing, and end up wasting more time than I save (which is not only stressful, but very annoying). 

Like the time we went to Shoprite (superstore and eatery). It was such a rush. We just want to be there any moment, and it wasn't until we got there that I realized I have left my wallet containing the m*st*r-card on the table at home. 

And the funny thing is that there was no important reason to rush in the first place. It was in the morning, and we were not expecting queries from anyone if we had gone any time. Beside, we had plenty of time.

I still remember the day my boss paid the price of rushing at work with his right index-finger when he received a cut from a broken ceramic-tile

Do not make decisions in haste

If you do not waste your valuable time during the day to complete an unnecessary task, you will have enough time to fulfil your needs. 

For, "Time" is a commodity that the rich and the poor have in common... The way it is used, is what makes you special or ***.

So, If you are ready (and really want) to start taking the gentle part of life, where 'high B.P'  rarely happen, then you must learn to ask yourself each day: How Much Is Enough? Knowing what you want from life will help you to: 
  • avoid wasting time, 
  • do everything quietly and in a calm spirit, 
  • gain your inner peace,  
  • work and live smoothly, 
  • control your spending, and 
  • avoid making decisions in haste.


One can only see clearly if one is going slowly. Quick motion, creates a life-blur.

What I'm simply saying is: An effort to get a particular job done, or get to our destination a few seconds sooner often backfire. 

Being pulled over or getting into an accident would cost more time and grief than if we just took our time.

What Do You Think?

Have you been stuck in a traffic before? 
How did you handle it? 

Have you face any consequence as a result of being in haste? 

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