7 Tips to Build a Strong Work Ethic (Part 2)

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If it is a must to achieve your goal and purpose in life, then it is equally a must to apply yourself in or exert yourself vigorously to attain it. There must be action on your part. There is no shortcut to success and there is no half success. As we continue to explode with knowledge, our heads becomes filled with distractions (lot of distractions) causing discouragement and making us to think we have to do so much to succeed.

7 Tips to Build a Strong Work Ethic

Everybody around the world is working but very few of us, gets and meet their desired result and goals. Why? Because, most people are missing the special ingredients needed to achieve their desired result; which we will discuss in this article. First, I want to tell you a simple fact... “Whether you work or not, the time will still pass anyway. So use your time wisely”...


Most people today, have the habit of disqualifying themselves. They find it too easy to blame themselves before anyone else does. Especially when they screw up, (like) eat bad foods, or say a bad word. And they forget to realize that mistakes are proofs to others (to everyone) that you are trying.