How to Cope with Depression (d.p)

Do you know anyone who is depressed?

(Are you depressed right now?)

When  you are depressed, you will not have the motivation to do 
anything, not even the things you usually love to do. 

And then, sleep will be your friend...

If it remains for a long time, you will begin to feel unlovable, worthless, and a burden to others. 

In an attempt to stop feeling this way, some resort to the thought of suicide. But deep inside you (between me and you), you know you don't really want to die. 

All you wanted is for that feeling to go away.

I've been t
here before. And after my experience with depression, I knew it was not easy to cope with.

I'm fully aware now that I was not alone in this. I knew that there are other friends out there that will benefit greatly from the experience of how I became the happiest man I am today. 

I'm yet to meet that super man that have never felt down or experience depression once in his life. 

If one of them is reading this right now, great! Then the word  "depression" might look strange to you a bit.

Let me quickly show you how it feels. 

You see, being depressed is like being stuck in a deep, dark hole with no way out, and you feel like you are losing your mind, losing who you are.

The truth is:

The exact causes of depression remain unclear. 

According to experts, depression often runs in families, suggesting that genetics can play a role. 

While a little stress can be healthy, excessive stress can be physically and psychological harmful, sometimes to the point of plunging a susceptible, or biologically vulnerable teen into depression.


My problem then was..

Unrealistically high expectations from my friends (especially moved ones)
 disappointments, and unfulfilled promises; often thinking  that  things will  never  change and  everything  is just hopeless... 

Yours may be different, but note this:

Those thoughts did not help me, nor give me the needed strength or energy to cope. 

Instead they were only weighing me down with confusion. 

When there is confusion, your vision becomes blunt, thinking, stagnant... And mind filled with negativity.

Negative thoughts can affect  the  way  we feel  and  behave;  they maintain depressio
n  by  affecting  perception and exacerbating  symptoms.

Yours may be different. 

Whatever the cause is, note this

Taking control of your emotions is not just the solution alone, It is a process. Be persistent in your resolve. 

Follow a pattern,,, one that is affecting your day  to day  functioning in a positive way. 

I lived through it, So can you.

Yes. Presently bouncing with life and energy, with so many friends around that keeps me busy, warm and happy! 

I didn't became like this automagically (over-night), though there were times when I which the feelings could just disappear instantly,  to which I know was impossible.

Yes. People I trusted actually let me down, but I succeeded only because I changed my view and life style. 

In my combat with depression, I never make alcohol my friend. Maybe that's what contributed to my speed recovery from depression. 

Don't withdraw from life. Don't drink too much alcohol, and you will feel not just ok, but better. 

I invested time with constant effort to turn my life around and I succeeded. So can you.

It's a process; not just a solution

It needs time with concentratio
n and focus to become the type of person you want to be. 

If you are okay with your current situation now, no problem. But if you suffer from depression, take reasonable measure to care for your mental and physical health everyday. 

For instance, to be physically healthy, eat wholesome meal (foods that supply your  body with the needed nutrients, strength, and vitality).

Care for yourself and your mental health. To do this, get sufficient sleep, and exercise regularly (if your circumstances allowed). 

You know, exercise releases chemicals that can lift your spirit and increase your energy.

Meet a MENTAL-HEALTH PROFESSIONAL for needed medication and counseling.

Practice Giving

Don't be selfish. I've noticed that people who love to give (for the good of it, and not because they are
  seeking blessings) are happy and lively. 

People are generally drown to givers than receivers. They are hardly left alone.

Among the few things we can give to others are:

  •     Our Money.
  •     Our Time.
  •     Our Energy.
  •     Our Food.
  •     Our Love.
  •     Our Attention.
  •     Our Chances.
  •     Our Home.

(The list goes on and on).

So which one can you give?

Be Prepared

To wand off depressive mood, and start living the real you, you need to try your best to be observant and recognize triggers and early signs of 

depressive mood.

Write down the names of trusted friends you can meet or call during emergency outbreak. 

Confiding in someone you trust, can help to lift your spirit and increase your energy during depressive mood. 

At the same time, a supportive network of close family members and friends may also help you to cope more effectively with your depression and possibly reducing symptoms.

For more info, check this tips from everydayhealth on other ways to cope with depression.









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