5 Tips to Get and Keep a Job

 A job is a good thing you should get, if you choose not to travel the business path at the moment. 

I encourage this not just to gain experience from it, but to put some cash into your pocket at the main time—to fund your dream...
For that you will need these 5 important tips to horn your potential ability. 

And to demonstrate to an employer during an interview, that you are the missing piece for the job.

 1.  Communication Skill
 This skill which includes verbal and written skills is a valuable asset to maintain. As the world continues to grow each day, the importance of communication skill is increasing all the time. 

The ability to communicate clearly with customers, employers and staffs has become more important than before.
I know, for many of us this can be a whole new challenge! It is a gradual process. 

Communication skill can also include things like having good oral and listening skills, writing documents and using technology in sharing or presenting information to customers.

2.  Unity Skill
 There is a saying that says: “Divided we fall flat. United we stand and succeed”. 

What does that mean? 

You see, there are very few jobs that operate in complete isolation. So employees are needed to be able to work as part of a team. 

So for you to be able to support and contribute positively to your colleagues and successfully work with a wide range of people will be a great asset to you on the job. 

So learn not to hide in your room from people, and welcome everyone. Be approachable. 

3.  Be Diligent!
 A responsible and diligent person will always know how to put something in the wallet even while others complains of scarcity. 

The ability to quickly attend to difficult situations that arise and resolving those problems successfully will most certainly be a positive attribute you can take to any workplace. 

Employers appreciate resourceful workers! They value staffs who are good problem solver. Some company or large businesses may put you in series of test just to be sure they are making the right decision in employing you as a worker or staff. 

So the ball is left on your court to prove that you really are a diligent staff.

4.  Tech. Skill
 The world is growing from analog to the digital world and from manual to the automating world. 

If you are really serious about getting the job you can’t afford to be left behind. Most jobs these days require staff to have some level of skill in using technology.
 Try to keep up to date with training in this skill, especially if it is important to the job you are seeking! Ask. Ask question about what you don’t know while you share also your knowledge with other.

 Do not keep it to yourself; it will help to activate your memories!

5.  Be Balance
 If you are unemployed LIKE ME for some time now without business activity can post a challenge on a person’s attitude. 

Especially in a situation where one have to squeeze the milk to survive. At that time a person can be a servant to any job advert. 

In a time like this is when you needed balance the most. If you are not balance and follow it gently, you may end up receiving and filling the wrong form.
 This is not as silly as it sounds. Some banks and other large businesses have several forms that look the same but are for different purposes. 

So read the form before doing anything and check the back so you don’t miss anything. 

After getting the original form, make a copy from it, and do practices run on your copy form with a pencil and no spelling mistakes should exist then transfer back to the original form. 

And this should be done with care.

Now you have the 5 important skills you need to secure your job. Use it well. 
These skills will benefit you only if you make them come live in you and bear fruit.

Remember what you learn, and practice it.


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