These are the Reasons You Must Control Your Tongue

I often say; If there is one area of me that the Devil use to get a hold of, it was my tongue. 

But like a bird, escaping from the trap of the bird-catcher, I exerted myself vigorously and made it my aim to keep on the watch of whatever that will come out of my mouth each day. How?
You will find out soon enough. It has helped me to avoid many troubles. 

 Selecting what to say at a particular time, is an attitude I advised everyone to practice. That is, if you really want to be taken seriously.
Because, our tongue has no bone, but strong enough to break heart.

The truth is: Hitting someone with sticks and stones may brakes their bones, but your words are powerful weapons that can break their hearts. 

They can inspire, or 
destroy someone. 

Now follow me, lets take a look at the "Top 10 good reasons to control your tongue". 

When we know why something needs to be done, doing it becomes easier.

Below are my top 10 reasons why you should control your tongue. 

1.  It's Not Funny

If you have ever been a receiver of hurtful comments, I bet you would say 'it's not funny'. 

Also, If you has ever been the giver of hurtful comments, then no doubt you probably know the pain of regretting words you have spoken which may includes words of pride and dishonesty, envy gossip and anger.

2.  It May Be Too Late

It is easy to scatter feathers and dust into the air, but difficult to gather them all completely. 

The things we love to hear we do not always say them to others (why!!!). 

And we only realize its gravity only when the rotten apple has been out of our mouth; when it is too late. 

Think before you speak. Let your ear be the one to hear first before it is out.

3.  It Burns Like Fire

In every wide fire there is a spark. Many forest fires are started by spark of a match, or a lightning strike, and even a cigarette butt. 

As small as they are, these little sparks eventually leads to destructions. 

See how powerful our words can be, if it is not controlled.

With a good cook, fire can be used to prepare a delicious meal that can be enjoyed by everyone.
That same fire as a result of negligence can set a house on fire, and destroy everything one had laboured for.

Our tongue, just like fire, can cause great harm and destruction if left on the loose.

4.  Your Relationships Are Involved

It is very easy for a slip of our tongue to cause a problem in our personal relationship with others. 

And as you already know, our tongue is not a natural automated machine that bubbles forte wisdom (like the ATM machine). 

It needs to be trained, so you can start choosing the right word before you speak. You will only give out what you have inside you to others. 

You can't give what you don’t have.

If you do not select what you say carefully, you might not only hurt others, but could also be hurting yourself without knowing it.

5.  There May Be No 2nd Chance

Why should you wait until someone is feeling heart-broke from the sound of what you said before you take this step seriously? 

We must watch our tongue very closely, even on a daily conversations with our friend or loved ones and those we meet every day. 

The Reason is because, we came from different backgrounds.

6.  We All Are Different

We all: 
  •     came from different backgrounds,
  •     reared by different parents, and
  •     think and reason differently.

 Everyone does not reason or think in the same manner of thought – a word heard from somebody. 

And one factor I noticed is the result of past experience or the early-life of a person, which could determine or affect their understanding of a particular word. 

So watch what you say. 

There are friends that are easily affected by a word, feelings as such that flows like water and very sensible to a word. 

They may be burning inside, due to what you just said, or what they just heard from you. But you the speaker may think or say in your heart: “ah! it is just a word I said“.

7.  It Could Make Your Life Better

Blocking or cutting out negative speech has the potential of enhancing our life and also the lives of the people around. 

Throughout my life I have never see a person giving testimony of how much he enjoyed some hurtful comments (have you see any?).

8.  It Shows How Matured You Are

Your words shows who you really are inside. The things you say about others, says a lot about you; whether you realised it or not. 

The words that comes from your mouth indicate what is in your heart. 

If your friend noticed any sign of pride and dishonesty during your conversation with them, or heard any form of gossip or envy from you about them, it will not only destroy the image and good name you have build with them for many years, but keep your dear friends away from you. 

9.  We Are Family

It will be good if you start today by learning to take responsibility for every word that you speak because we are family.

We have mirrors that help us to see and remove bad spots from our faces. 

Don’t you think we also need something that could help us to monitor our speech like that too? 

Our family and co-workers  are ready.

Our family can serve as a mirror if we welcome them to observe our speech pattern. They could be the happiest people to help you. When they give their observation, try and pay attention to them.

Maybe you have co-workers and acquaintance that you trust. Why don't you alert them of this your goal of making your speech gracious. They too will be very happy to play a part in making you a better person. 

So ask them about your speech pattern with a simple “how do you view the way I talk and reply”. Then evaluate the observation they will share.

You should watch what you say especially in public. This will be a sign of maturity on your part.; be careful with your words... once they are said, they can only be forgiven. Not forgotten.

10.  It’s hard to take it back

Your ears should already know what your mouth is about to say. Don't surprise them. 

You may not be able to take it back. Sometimes we reply according to how we are feeling inside. Don't mix bad words with your bad mood. 

You will have many opportunities to change a mood, but you'll never get the opportunity to replace the words you spoke. 

So think before you speak. 

Be careful of how you use your words. Pick your words carefully as it has the power to make the sentence beautiful or ugly.

Remember that the quality (and not the quantity) of your speech matters a lot.

It can magnet or attract people to you or repel people away from you.

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