How to Respect Money and Live Longer


Making money is an important part of our life. 

...But if allowed to become an object of one’s love and heart’s desire, then our heart is prone to a disease

...and our health could be in danger.
 Respect for money may not be a hot topic of conservation when it comes to financial discussions; 

But the fact that most people have not learned how to become responsible with money, and cannot see themselves as responsible, creates the money guilt that discourages them from taking the steps to be in the driver’s seat. 

So some will say; “money is evil”. Instead of "it’s love"!

Why respect Money?

Think about this. Assuming that you acquire your money honestly and honorably, you get your money by working for it (or from a parent or other person who did). 

Time is limited. Therefore, any money you have represents a portion of someone's life, usually your own!

Whether you have ever thought of it this way or not, in most cases you have literally exchanged a portion of your life for the money you have. 

And sooner or later you will realize how little time you have on this earth.

Very few people have discovered an appropriate balance toward money and their health. 

Perhaps more important, even those who may be balanced in the way they actually use their money often feel little sense of achievement or satisfaction as a result.

Make no mistake, if your thinking is wrong, your actions will be wrong. 

Evaluate your own attitudes about the role money plays in your life. The way you think will determine your future success, or lack of it, in putting money in its place.
We need to exercise self-control continually, always keeping money (wealth, material possessions) in its place, that is, as an instrument, or a servant. 

Never should it be allowed to become an object of one’s love and heart’s desire.


Making conscious, deliberate choices about what you do with your money is precisely what this step is all about. 

These four choices will help you to manage your money better and live longer. 

It is called:
  • The Four Rules of Money.

1. Spend Less

Only buy what you can easily afford…  (Note: Spending less does not mean misery and hardship).

You may find yourself quickly plunging into debt if you buy items on impulse or spend money just to impress your friends. 

What might help you to avoid these traps?  

    1.  learn to discipline yourself,
    2. plan ahead,
    3. compare prices before buying, and
    4. calculate a limit to your spending. . . . 

    I also find it wise to go shopping only with those of your friends who are careful with their money too (that’s what I does), and who will encourage you to shop around and not buy the first thing you see.

    2. Save More

     Pay yourself first… Careless spending or continuing to debt is like boarding a train traveling the wrong way. You'll never get where you want to go. 

    At the same time, you do not want to head in the reverse direction—DEPRIVATION—where your emotional and/or physical needs are not being met.

    3. Invest Wisely

    Put money in assets that grow in value over time. This can includes setting up a business that you know and capable of running. I don’t intend to suggest a particular one here, but any worthwhile business that brings in income, is worth doing.

    4. Give Generously

     Use your money to make a difference… Some people only spend on their necessities and spend all their money on themselves in a very selfish manner. 

    But research have shown that those who care more about people than they do about money are happier. 

    One might think that with all this money that he had, the solutions to many problems would at least now be in sight. But that would be wrong. Why? 

    Because, people whose primary motivations are financial are much more likely to be:

     than people who value strong relationships with others. So,,,

    1. Take care of yourself. 
    2. Take interest in others.
    3. Get proper rest.

     There is little benefit in becoming a workaholic who sacrifices everything, including:

    •     health,
    •     family, and
    •     friendships
       just for riches!! 

      Respect money. Don't love it! maintain it but don't squeeze it too tight so that it die.  

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