Does Competition Runs Your Life?

          “In a place where there is no competition, I don’t think improvement in performance will likely happen.” 

That is the answer Emmy (name changed) gave me during our chat on the various things that motivate humans. 

What do you think? 

Maybe you'll agree with Emmy since we live in a very competitive world. 
EveryOne around us seems to be competing with someone at some level.

Each week we spend hours playing or watching others compete in games or sporting activities all over the world. 

We cannot help being impressed by the level of excellence that these people achieve. 

Many will compete when the motivation is strong enough. 

          But should you really compare yourself with someone only to prove you’re better? No. I don’t think so. 

You don’t have to. 

Fulfilling the measure of your creation can only be achieved by you alone. For that I say, competition is not your real purpose of life. It is good you know this.  

           Let me tell you what competition does to your performers. 

When there is competition at work, home or at school, it will encourage you to measure your worth with or against what others are able to do; or strive for the same thing as someone else that is stronger, wealthier or more talented than you are.

Competition could make employees push each other to their maximal strength, exceeding their average energy limit (beyond normal)

Although this may result in an increased production for a period of time; if not control can be damaging to your health. 

While financial incentives and bonuses are a plus (sometimes) to get the competition going, it doesn’t quench the physical and emotional stress experienced by those involved. 

This often leads to lose of sleep at night, and ill-health. 

If not properly handle, can lead to energy reduction, and as individual product power reduces, so is those of the entire team of workers who seek to out-do one another.

           Many times, the effect is negative. 

Because it cultivates in you the feelings of envy and a spirit of jealousy, in a short time (if allowed to continue), spite and resentment soon follow at seeing the success of another.

That could stimulate in you a desire to commit wrong acts. 
 This could also make people lack appreciation for what you do for them because, either they expect more, feel they deserve more, or feel that a simple “Thank You” could mean a sign of weakness (just imagine!).

          If you think that this does affect us individually alone, you are wrong. 

In fact, the media, too, are not left out in this area. Competition is fierce among the media

Seized by the frenzy of the moment, some reporters seemed to have difficulty finding the balance between getting newsworthy stories ahead of others and showing consideration  and respect for the victims.


The anxiousness to get a particular work done in a short period of time gives me an extra heart-beat. 

It start with an intense sweaty palm with heart beating fast, mind rushing, with terror-filled experience—which make you feel terrible in a couple of minutes and you never want to go through it again.

         Let us not become egotistical, stirring up competition with one another, envying one another. 

When you compare yourself with others, or strive for the same thing as someone else just to prove you’re better, your fundamental question about life go unanswered.

Resist the urge to compare yourself with others. 

This could be the only antidotal remedy to a competitive spirit. 

You may not be able to stop it from building up, for now, but why not concentrate on what you can do! - To reduce its effect, by being content with what you have…

You know, contentment is a secret to those who have never taken step to attain it (could that be you?).

          You don’t have to be discouraged because you think that someone else is wealthier or talented than you are in a particular area in your life. 

There is only one person that can fulfill your roll and that is you. 

Do your own work well and then you will have something to be proud of. But don’t compare yourself with someone else!


It’s easy to get caught up in the spirit by following the flow due to the environment. 

Just because everybody is doing it doesn’t make it ok. Don’t be surprise to hear this. It is the truth. 

Some friends are encouraging competition at work place, but this is not always positive. 

In fact, it can create unhealthy rivalries that result in workers resenting each other; Especially if one person or a team always get the bonus and the praise by winning the competition. 

If this happen, then a gap had been created among workers, between the “have(s)” and “have not”. And this is not healthy in internal work relation. 

If you ask me, I will say; I prefer the easy going approach to getting works done. Preparing and getting ready on time. 

...Doing the right thing at the right time and not the “win at all cost” competitive attitude that may even bring out the worst in some workers losing one’s self, and forgetting one’s family due to situation beyond control.


“Two are better than one”, an old friend once told me; “if one eats alone, he dies alone” (imagine). But that’s not for you my dear reader. Not my friends, not even their businesses or companies. 

So if you work alone or limit your activity to the team in your company alone without outside relation in the name of competition, it will only cripple your growth. How? 

First, it will slow you down. Why? 

Because you will anxiously be peering over your shoulder, constantly checking to see who’s catching up instead of directing those energy and focus on creating or improving your brand and your unique product. 

If you are protecting your professional secrets constantly or monitoring what your competitors are doing, it can distract you from your most important works and rob you of the joy that comes from creating freely and at worst, block your potential business ideas. 

You need to widen out.


While competition may be a hot topic in the media and production industries, there are still major group of people that still believes that competition should not be the only way to achieving success. 

Maybe you should give more attention to the quality of the products and services you render. 

A golden fish have no place to hide. 

If your brand is ok and genuine, your friends, and business associates will happily open their hearts, companies, and even wallets to give you whatever they can.


It may look a bit hypocrite if I do not practice what I say, I feel it might be helpful to you if I tell you what I do each day when everybody seems to be looking up to me to take a challenge or a competition. 

Sometimes the pressure to compete can be very high, but I know what I want, and how to get it! 

I don’t have to compete with anybody to prove to somebody my worth.

This is what comes to me when I'm faced with a decision to compete:

I am in competition with no one. 
I have no desire to play the game
   of being better than anyone. 
I’m simply trying to be better than
    the person I was yesterday.

These thoughts have helped me to gain the power of humility and the art of getting what you want while working cooperatively and harmoniously with others. 

If you are struggling at your current establishment or job to create a balance between peering constantly over your shoulder to see who’s catching up, and 

Creating your brand or rendering a genuine service, then you should follow a more relaxing approach like this positive affirmative technique. 

It has been proved a long time ago that where your thoughts go, you go.

So remind yourself constantly:

I am in competition with no one. 
I have no desire to play the game
   of being better than anyone. 
I’m simply trying to be better than
    the person I was yesterday.

Yes… if you continue with this affirmation every day, it will help you to lead a more effective life, and keep you from the worries, stress, and headaches that results from the hassle and survive or win-at-all-cost competitive spirit. 

Good health to you.

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